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Markus Jostock auf Einladung in Japan

Vom 17.10. bis zum 25.10.2017 machte unser Leiter der Forschung & Entwicklung auf Einladung eine Reise nach Japan, wo er am 19.10.2017 in Yokohama und am 24.10.2017 in Nagoya einen Fachvortrag zum Thema Control Panel hielt. Dabei erlebte er interessante Tage, schöne Eindrücke und eine beeindruckende Kultur.

Lesen Sie hier von seinen Eindrücken in Japan:

"I am just back from a business trip to Japan, where I gave an impulse speech on two venues of the International Control Panel Conference hosted by MED Mikasa in Yokohama and Nagoya.

During my nine days in Japan I learned a lot about this country, its people and the economy. I happened to experience the national elections and a Taifoon in this very week.

Japan faces a shrinking population and thus a probably shrinking economy and can serve as an example of what Germany is probably facing in the future. One of their options is obviously export. The Japanese economy is structured in a very strict tree-like way. Japanese companies produce an impressive quality and have a level of perfection which left a deep impression on me! This perfection is rooted in the economic relationship between industrial suppliers and customers, where a small and medium enterprise (in Europe we would call it a „hidden champion“) delivers exactly the scope and quality of the exact product as a supplier to a larger company. The larger company again is supplier to the next larger one, delivering exactly the required product perfection. With such a focus on the exact product requirements within this tree of suppliers and customers, Japanese companies are quite focussed on their market structure. Particularly small companies are not (yet) exporting their product to different markets.

As Japanese companies are really focussed on quality and have high expectations when doing business with companies from abroad, the initiation of business takes accordingly longer than it might take in the western market. Nevertheless, I admire the high quality standards in Japan and I am looking forward to taking the first steps in getting a foothold in this market.

The Japanese focus on quality is also present when it comes to consumer products and particularly service. The business service is mind boggling. The experiences I had as a tourist in restaurants, hotels and with our host were a delight! The customer is the very centre of all actions and make it an unforgettable experience. Maybe this is rooted in the deep understanding of mutual respect in the Japanese society. After just a few days in this country, all the bowing and niceties and formalities easily came to me and were no effort at all. Each individual is treated with utmost respect. When receiving business cards, they are treated as sacred personal information which are not to be lost and valued in front of the owner. Other people’s property and also common property is treated with the same respect. I saw people sleeping on tables at McDonald’s at night, with their cellphone and wallet on the table, while sleeping. It is absolutely naturally, that these remain untouched are not stolen. Suppliers leave their deliveries in front of restaurants without guard, the public transportation system does not even know vandalism (costs).

Due to these aspects the Japanese culture is to me very admirable and pleasant and I can easily imagine to spend a longer time period to discover more of their culture. The glimpse of castles, samurai, shrines and food I got so far, clearly stirred a lust for more!

My sincere thanks go to Shigeki Ishida, president of MED Mikasa, for the invitation to participate in the International Control Panel Conferences, allowing me to thave this first-time experience in Japan. Further I would like to express my deep gratitude to Kazuo Watanabe and Risa Masuda for taking such good care of us during our stay in your wonderful country!"

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