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In order to manufacture competitive, high quality products the manufacturer needs timely and accurate data of production processes and appliances. Arend Information offers its competence and experience to realise exactly this informational penetration of production processes.


The Production-IT of Arend develops our own product portfolio, e.g. the production data collector ARENDAR, and here we concentrate our competence on production IT systems and public research projects.


Our product development drives the features of our ARENDAR data collector, particularly in terms of cyber security and encrypted data communication, based on a TPM2.0 encryption chip.


For our customers we implement tailor made solutions in production applications, quality assurance and manufacturing. In the context of our R&D activities we offer our research capacities also for your own development agenda.


Production IT systems usually serve for paperless production and manufacturing execution organisation:


  •  transfer of production orders from ERP systems,

  •  analysis and reporting for production optimisation, 

  •  failure reduction through electronic operator panels,

  • drill-down in failure causes and frequency,

  • immediate online track & trace of resources, batches, containers and production unit