Secure Communication for Industry 4.0

The implementation of Industrie 4.0 requires a digital interconnection of processes, machines, and computers. The exchange of data between these components creates transparency and enables companies to optimise their production processes. Many installations are equipped with programmable logic controllers (PLC) and use over realtime field busses for communication. Data blocks can be exchanged e.g. via OPC servers (open platform communication) to the ethernet based IT world.
When connecting with installations lacking an OPC connection, expensive field bus solutions are not necessarily required: The low cost ARENDAR IoT node allows for interconnecting low-tech machines without engineering effort whilst providing a secure communication link.


The ARENDAR IoT node can be directly placed in a switching cabinet.
PLC signals, relay settings or sensor signals are captured through standard input channels. The installation can be easily performed in-house by a skilled electrician.



Each input channel can be flexibly configured and the data evaluation can be defined independently from the input configuration. E.g. a simple digital input channel is configured as binary switching input or as unit counter. Alternatively multiple digital inputs can be grouped and conjointly coded.

Measurement evaluation and analysis is configured separately from the channel settings: E.g. from a channel configured as a unit counter, different variables and values can be derived:

  • counter value

  • counting rate / counter frequency

  • MTBF (mean time between failure) – MTTR (mean time to repair)

  • total equipment availability


To communicate sensor data, different network protocols are installed, allowing for flexible evaluation of measurements. Protocols are e.g.

  • OPC-UA

  • MQTT

  • PPMP

Further protocols, currently in evaluation are

  • CoAP: Constrained Application Protocol for M2M- communication

  • ZigBee: based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard

  • Bluetooth

  • NFC for maintenance purposes

  • GSM/3G/4G for remote applications


The ARENDAR data collector is a platform offering a wide range of application scenarios: maintenance, data analysis, MES integration or extraction of machine data into internal social networks.
Through a secure and standardised upgrade process the ARENDAR data collector is ready for the digital future and stays always up-to-date.


The ARENDAR is located in the price range between 150,-€ and 250,-€.


The ARENDAR hardware is in its final steps of development and is produced in early 2017. The first version is optimised for machine to machine communication. In March 2017 the API for customer specific implementations is published.
From mid 2017 the ARENDAR hardware can be configured with a secured mobile app via smart phone or tablet pc.


is a member of the Smartfactory and the "Zukunftsinitiative Rheinland-Pfalz."


Manufacturers of sensors or appliances can embed and integrate their own sensor evaluation and machine data utilisation into the ARENDAR, through a published application programmers interface (API). Possible would be e.g. the implementation of a model predictive control. It generates multiple virtual sensor values from few physical sensors through real time calculations on a numeric machine model.

These virtual sensor values can be published through the implemented communication interfaces.


Centre piece of the implemented security mechanism is the Trusted Platform Module 2.0, a hardware security device optimised for IoT communication.
The TPM2.0 crypto processor ensures an efficient implementation of cyber security, encryption and a secure boot process. It also ensures protection from subsequent malevolent manipulation.

Particularly the increased use of IoT devices offers ideal targets for bot-nets and virus infections in production facilities. The risk potential is increasing. The ARENDAR data collector is intrinsically prepared for secure operation, encryption and cyber security.

​TPM2.0 offers the following features:

  • crypto-algorithms like SHA-1,SHA-256, RSA, Elliptic Curve Cryptography P256

  • Crypto Primitives RNG, RSA, HMAC, SHA-1, SHA-256

  • 3 hierarchy levels (platform, storage, endorsement)

  • Different keys and algorithms per hierarchy level as


  • Autorisation by password, HMAC or policy

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